About us

Our vision is to build the world’s largest digital library comprising a hundred of thousands of books, stories and characters. In the coming years, our reader base is expected to touch a large number. However, our impact does not limit teaching and helping young children to read. We provide learning tools and assistance to all types of children who are either pursuing formal school education or have no access to the formal educational setting

Imrove Reading Skills

education for all

Help unprivileged children

free training and workshop

Education to all

The primary purpose of Write.a.Read is to create reading skills and interests in various communities we are working for and with. We also organize various training workshops, seminars, meet-ups for our active local volunteers at the community level. Our endeavours also include authors and illustrators in communities with no publication houses. 

Our vast network of salaried and non-salaried artists and writers have helped us to push our mission to the next level. We are continually expanding and growing from our experiences and prior learning. Education for all is a must. Please help us reach out to children with no to little education facilities. Join us, and let’s work together for a brighter future.