Who We Are?

WriteaRead is a online library by Teague Public Library of knowledge for children who are bereft of education. We convict that all children are alike and everyone must have an equal opportunity to learn and seek education. The purpose of our organization is not just to eradicate poverty and various related challenges but also to develop robust community relationships. 

What We Do?

We provide a huge collection of digital books written in simple and easy to understand language. These e-books are relevant to all age groups and cultural backgrounds. In the absence of such educational tools, children are prone to life-long illiteracy, which result in consequences like malnutrition, a handful of opportunities, biasness, and much more. 

Our Mission

The primary focus of WriteaRead is the marginalized communities. As technology is advancing by leap and bound, the inequality gap is also rising every day. We open our digital library to the world communities that are struggling to seek basic education. Our library has been established and launched by the world’s top publication houses. The content consists of stories, characters, and set-ups that are appealing and well-curated for children. Our in-house team puts in immense efforts and research to bring out to you top-notch quality and highly relevant stories.

Practice makes perfect

In the future, we are planning to introduce free apps to connect and be a lending hand to as many people as possible. 

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Campus Library Services

Everything we do for you, inside the library or out

We have and annual spring break program available for  teens from Monday to Wednesday. However, program for kids are offered year around. September  to april is story time and  summer reading program is a new update in our system that keeps student involved in study during the summer time. 
Update: All the above programs are currently cancelled.

About us

Write-a-read is an online offering of free eBooks and materials for research online, maintained by  Teague Public Library group. We are exempt from federal income tax under internal revenue code IRC Section 501 (c) (3)

Working hours

Monday- Thursday:8:00-18:30 Hrs
(Phone until 17:30 Hrs)
Friday - 8:00-14:00

We are here

Teague Public Library, 400 Main Street, Teague, Texas, 75860 Email: [email protected]